Tour Tibet: Sunlight City in Snowflake


28 Dec 2017 – 6 Jan 2018 (10 Days)


Acclaimed as the “Roof of the World” and “A dream close to heaven”, Tibet has long been a popular destination for trekking, photography and adventures. But Tibet also fascinates people because of its Tibetan Buddhist cultural treasures, as well as its political significance. Due to its remoteness and ruggedness, Tibet was cut off from the rest of the world until this century and escaped direct impact of imperialism. Widely known, contemporary Tibet the subject of controversies with China over ethnic and social issues. In the midst of all this, modernisation has also forced upon it contradictions and changes.

Our Tour Tibet: Sunlight City in Snowflake 西藏行:雪下日光 will bring you far beyond sightseeing and go deep into the “Daylight City” Lhasa (拉薩), Gyantse (江孜) and Shigatse (日喀則市) of Tibet. In addition to its unique and splendid landscape, we will explore the ancient secrets and modern complexities on this precious piece of land. You will hear stories from all sides of the Tibetan debate in order to examine how religion, ethnic identity and politics are in fact interconnected in Tibetan governance. The 10-day tour will give you an opportunity to explore Tibet’s streets, cities and skyline, which will provide a better and closer look of its culture.

Programme Fee and Details

Tour Fee:
Hong Kong / Macau Mainland Permit holders: 12,000 HKD
Other Passport holders: 12,800 HKD

Click here for Tertiary financial assistance options 大專生財政援助

Our Tour Fee includes

  • Application fee for all required documents (Tibet Travel Permit and/or Aliens Travel Permit) to enter Tibet
  • All Transportation in Tibet
  • All accommodation (shared twin-room) throughout the programme (9 nights)
  • Meals as indicated in the Programme Guideline (you will receive this after registration)
  • Drivers and licensed local guide
  • One Eastern Vision tour mentor
  • All entry fees to museums, monasteries and sightseeing spots
  • Academic materials customised for the tour
  • 0.15% Stamp Duty by Travel Industry Council

Our Tour Fee Excludes

  • Transportation from Hong Kong (or elsewhere) to Lhasa and transportation from Lhasa to Hong Kong*
  • Extra meals or souvenirs in Tibet
  • Travel Insurance**
  • Your China visa of single entry (if necessary)***
  • Tips for Tibetan tour guides and driver

*Our programme starts and ends in Lhasa. You should arrange your own flights/trains to Lhasa. However, we also facilitate two separate, non-bundled Group Transport Options(train or flight package) via our responsible tour operator Walk In Hong Kong Limited (Licence no. 353919) if you depart from Hong Kong:

25 Dec 2017 Guangzhou – Lhasa (train [no. Z264] operated by China Railway)
27 Dec 2017 Hong Kong – Chengdu – Lhasa
6 Jan 2018 Lhasa – Chongqing – Hong Kong

For those who opt for the train package, an overnight hostel in Lhasa on 27 Dec 2017 will be included. For those who opt for the flight package, an overnight hotel in Lhasa on 27 Dec 2017 will be included. Both options include round-trip transfer (coach) between airport and hostel/hotel. You can find more details in the Programme Guideline (you will receive this after registration).

**An appropriate and adequate travel insurance is a condition of travelling with Eastern Vision.

***For some passport holders who need to acquire a visa to enter China, you are reminded to secure a proper visa for single entry.


Day 1: 28 Dec 2017

Start of Programme and arrival at Lhasa(拉薩)

  • Gather at Lhasa (拉薩) in the afternoon, to be greeted by our Eastern Vision tour mentor and familiar local guides.
  • Our Tibetan expert will give you an introduction on Tibetan Culture before the exciting journey. It will provide you with essential prior knowledge, ranging from geographical, political, cultural and historical background of Tibet. They are the backbone of issues and themes that we will be discussing later throughout the tour.
  • Check-in to local hostel, which has a view of the whole Potala Palace directly from your room
  • Stroll around Bakhor Circuit (八廓街) on a walking tour, to discover the local Tibetan community
  • Museum of Ambans in Tibet (駐藏大臣館), a rarely visited museum depicting the Chinese influence in the heart of the old city area
  • Ani Sang Kung Nunnery and Teahouse (倉姑寺及甜茶館), get a taste of local Tibetan noodles (藏麵) and Butter Tea (酥油茶)
  • Bakhor Supermarket (八廓商城)
  • Overnight at local hostel in city centre (平措康桑青年旅館)

Day 2: 29 Dec 2017

Lhasa (拉薩)

  • Visit Potala Palace (布達拉宮), the most iconic landmark of Tibet, also the winter residence of various Dalai Lamas
  • Chagpori Hill(藥王山), the best shooting angle to capture Potala Palace
  • Explore Jokhang Monastery (大昭寺), one of the most important temples in Tibet
  • Zongjiao Lukang Park(宗角祿康公園), catching the glimpse of the reflection of Potala Palace at night
  • Princess Wencheng Stage Drama (文成公主處境劇), a multi-million dollar production to assert Chinese propaganda message of its ownership of Tibet
  • Overnight at local hostel in city centre (平措康桑青年旅館)

Day 3: 30 Dec 2017

Lhasa (拉薩)

  • Tibet Thangka Institution(西藏唐卡學院) to know more about this declining Tibetan arts
  • Drepung Monastery (哲蚌寺), to witness the unique Buddhist painted on rock
  • Sera Monastery (色拉寺), a monastery known for scholarly learning. You get to see the monks engaged in a philosophical Buddhist debate as part of their learning process
  • Dinner meet-up with Tibetan Monks, listen to their personal stories as a monk, under the tourism boom in Tibet over the recent few years
  • Overnight at local hostel in city centre (平措康桑青年旅館)

Day 4: 31 Dec 2017

Lhasa (拉薩)

  • Yerpa Temple(扎葉巴寺), a monastery constructed along the hillside. It is also a place for practicing Buddhism.
  • Ganden Monastery(甘旦寺), one of the three most famous monasteries in Lhasa. It was seriously destroyed during Cultural Revolution.
  • Paradise Time Travel Bookstore (天堂時光旅行書店), with books, magazines and postcards all about Tibet
  • Tromzikhang (沖賽康市場), which sells a wide range of local products and souvenirs
  • Enjoy your memorable new year count down in Tibet
  • Overnight at local hostel in city centre (平措康桑青年旅館)

Day 5: 1 Jan 2018

Gyantse (江孜)

  • Leave Lhasa and drive to Gyantse, crossing three passes over 5,000m and skirt the shores of the beautiful lakes
  • Yamdrok Lake (羊卓雍錯), one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet
  • Karola Glacier (卡若拉冰川), the breathtaking contrast between the blue sky and snow peaked mountains
  • Puma Yumco (普莫雍錯), which means “blue jewel floating in the sky” in Tibetan
  • Arrive at Gyantse before dinner time. Lying on a historic trade route between India and Tibet, Gyantse has long been a crucial link for traders.
  • Overnight at local hostel in Gyantse

Day 6: 2 Jan 2018

Shigatse (日喀則)

  • Gyantse Kumbum (白居寺十萬佛塔), one of the few Kumbums (means 100,000 images) in Tibet
  • Gyantse Dzong(宗山古堡), the important landmark of War of the Tibetans against the Britain
  • Head to Shigatse after lunch
  • Overnight at local hostel in city centre (藏巴大酒店)

Day 7: 3 Jan 2018

Shigatse (日喀則)

  • Tashilhunpo Monastery (扎什倫布寺), founded by the 1st Dalai Lama, also the largest temple in Shigatse area
  • Free time in the local market
  • Overnight at local hostel in city centre (藏巴大酒店)

Day 8: 4 Jan 2018

Namtso (納木錯)

  • Depart from Shigatse and head to Namtso (納木錯)
  • Arrive at Namtso before dinner, also known as the ‘heavenly lake’
  • Overnight at local hostel in Namtso

Day 9: 5 Jan 2018

Namtso(納木錯) and Lhasa (拉薩)

  • Enjoy the spectacular sunrise of Namtso
  • Drive back to Lhasa after packing up
  • Take a rest before dinner in local hostel in Lhasa
  • Dinner at Intercontinental Resort Lhasa Paradise (拉薩聖地天堂洲際大飯店)
  • Overnight at local hostel in city centre (平措康桑青年旅館)

Day 10: 6 Jan 2019

  • Free exploration

End of Programme

*The above itinerary is for reference only and is subject to change. Registrants will receive a full itinerary with programme details via email.